The brands that you find from us represent everything that is innovative and research in the world of perfumery.

Each brand has a history behind it

and every scent a tale.

A tale that can take you on a journey that passes through

poetry, art, fashion and passion.


Passion in helping you discover the fragrance that is ideal for you

to live in here and now...

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Orario D'apertura

+39 040763695

Lunedì:         09:00- 12:30

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Dal 1927
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Un punto di riferimento nel cuore pulsante della città di Trieste, dove raffinatezza e classe fanno da padrona.

-make up personalizzato

-trucco sposa

-consulenze di bellezza


Portici di Chiozza 1,

34125 -Trieste

Profumeria Portici Sas - Portici di chiozza,1 -34100 Trieste (TS)- Italia. P.Iva 00098250327